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The Darke Machina Prometheus Project

Since I have yet to finish compiling the data from the testers. The project consisted of 10 random volunteers with various dowsing experience. The requirements were at least ownership of a TFR Rod and preferably at least one other brand. The testers were not compensated and not employed by Darke Machina. Each tester received a multifunction box with what will be the possible 5 version sold with different rod types. An active version to replace the Target Discriminator ( which was never a discriminator in the first place but actually a signal attenuator). A high power voltage box to replace the TFR-4 voltage. A multi-frequency low THD selectable sine wave(called pure frequencies by some) generator. The crystal core has both a charging and degaussing coil built into the rod. This allows complete erasure and frequency charging of the crystal core to be instantaneous. This replaces the TFR-2. The other units included a fully adjustable filtered low THD multifunction generator for both on the fly crystal charging or using as a ground insertion resonator for better molecular frequency resonance(NMR). The final device is multiphase charged crystal generator. Using 4 different frequency charged crystals in series as an Orgone Scalar unit it creates a high synergy response with both the user and the chambered material. These units were designed in accordance with the metaphysical theories of Wilhelm Reich, Charles Kelley, Albert Abrams, and Thomas Galen Hieronymus. The units were tested by random testers for several reasons. 1- I needed unbiased results. 2 - The more independent results the better. 3 - The box also contained fake buttons and knobs and since I built them that would pointless results like some youtube videos. I will admit I was surprised at how many users identified the fake controls. The project test took place over 6 months and the users were from various countries including the Turkey, the UK, Australia and China. I will be posting the results once I finish compiling the data. A couple users spent almost the entire 6 months hunting and kept excellent logs. Too much data in fact.