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Darke Machina specializing in Custom Dowsing Rods for Treasure Hunters & Paranormal / Ghost Hunters. Machined and Assembled in the USA.


A selection of rotating dowsing rods. The loadable rods are available as empty tubes with a solder in plug  for creating your own or I can seal your premade power load with a tamper proof pressed in plug.

Type-1 Rod

A basic ¾” rotating dowsing rod with 1” rear chamber. Has a sealed power load, removable cap and a bait or witness chamber. Also available with solder in plugs. Approximate dimensions. Front chamber 4” (4 ½” with cap) with 2 ¾” available for dividing power load and bait chamber. Rear chamber 2” with ¾” available for power load. Comes with standard handle.   Single rod $350. 2 to 5 rods $325 each. 6 to 10 rods $300 each. 11 or more $275 each. Add $25 per rod for DDS handle.

Type-1R Rod

A refillable version of the Type 1 with threaded chambers for testing and power load creation. This is designed for experienced and professional dowsers that want a precision instrument. Allows for customizing power loads with damaging or off balancing your rod. With this rod you no longer have to tape or glue elements to an existing rod or settle for cheap badly rotating pvc rods. Outer dimensions are approximate to the Type 1. Power load chamber is approximately 1- 3/8" deep x 1/2". Bait chamber is 37/64" x 1-1/2" same as all Type 1 Series. Rear power load chamber is approximately 3/4" deep x 11/16". $425 each, DDS handle is included.
A ¾” sealed hollow 303 Stainless antenna rod for using with a voltage or bait box. Front section is 4 ½” with a 2” rear 1” diameter section. Same outer dimensions as the Type 1. Since it is fully sealed rod it has no bait chamber or power load. It’s main function is to act as a rotating antenna. Comes with standard handle with Stainless spindle. Single rod $350. 2 to 5 rods $325 each. 6 to 10 rods $300 each. 11 or more $275 each. Add $25 per rod for DDS handle.

Type-4 Rod

A 1” diameter version of the Type 1. Feature a 2 ½” long rear chamber for better balance. Rear chamber is available in brass or stainless. Comes with standard handle.

Type-2 Rod

*Darke Machina does not endorse any resellers power load claims. Power load design and claims are the sole responsibility of the reseller.


The most Important part of a rotating dowsing rod/LRL. Without a well balanced low friction handle you might as well be using a coat hanger. These 6061 aluminum handles feature a counterbalanced spindle made from either brass or stainless and a virtually frictionless bearing system. Available in ¾” (standard) and 1’ (large) diameter in 3 styles. A solid handle, a 3.5mm TRS jack pass through and a 50 ohm 3.5mm TRS  with tuned coil specifically for DDS generators, Type is identifiable by insert color. Pass through is an aluminum insert with chrome jack.  This is the handle included with all rods standard unless indicated. Tuned coil is a brass insert with gold plated jack. Standard pass through handle $125 Tuned coil handle $150

Handle Trade-In

My  designs and builds for the TFR handles have went through several variations since 2012.  Starting as solid handles with less than stellar bearing performance to an electronically compatible handle with a fully sleeved bearing system. And finally arriving at final versions available now. If you own a pre-serial number TFR-1 purchased between 2012 and 2014 or a TFR-1 Serial DM 001 to DM 030 or any model TFR-2 and TFR-4 you have an older type handle that can be traded in for a new handle at reduced cost. Cost is $25 plus shipping for a standard pass through handle or $50 plus shipping for the tuned coil handle. That’s a $100 off the retail price. This offer is directly from Darke Machina and is independent of The Treasure Finding Rods Company.

Conversion Kits

Bobber Conversion. The conversion kit consists of a flexible shaft that screws into your cap and a handle that covers the shaft of the front rod chamber. This converts your existing Type 1, Type 1R or Type 4 into a bobber or depth rod. Bobber tip can have a power load installed. Handle is available in brass or aluminum. Brass kit $200 Aluminum $175 Volume discount available. Flexible Y handle conversion coming soon.

Caps and Antennas

Direct replacements for Type 1 and Type 4 rods. Choose either standard 3mm thread or SMA antenna style. Type 1 replacement caps - $20 Type 1 SMA adapter cap - $25 Type 4 replacement cap - $25 Type 4 SMA adapter cap - $30 Power load caps are available with standard threads. $50 Power loaded fixed antenna $50 Any 3mm threaded antenna will work with any of the rods with the exception of SMA caps but I’ll be stocking different types to make it easier. Since not even the cheapest RC vehicles use the 3mm base anymore these are all rather poor quality. Sourcing a quality telescoping antenna has become next to impossible. For durability, better frequency response and range upgrading to a SMA dipole antenna is recommended. A 4” stub dipole will give more range than any size 3mm monopole in this scenario.
Price is per Item. Volume discounts are listed under each item. All prices are in USD. Volume discount is per single order. Mixed rod types count towards total purchased. Normal machining and assembly time is 1 rod per day. Custom orders may take longer. A 25% non refundable deposit is required on orders over $1000. Paypal, Bank wire, Western Union and Bitcoin are accepted forms of payment.
Single rod $350. 2 to 5 rods $325 each. 6 to 10 rods $300 each. 11 or more $275 each. Add $25 per rod for DDS handle.

Custom Rear Chambers

For adding custom target power loads. These are usually used for adding a power load that has an affinity for a certain element to strengthen the rod ability to find said element. Gold and silver increasing power loads are the most common. $50 each.

Electronic Boxes

DDS, Voltage and bait boxes. While these boxes are sold with all kinds of claims and uses I’m selling them as exactly what they consist of. The Internet is full tutorials and theories of how and why they should work so look their first. The DDS box is a compact DDS function generator with built in lithium ion battery pack and charger, This is recommended only to be used with DDS handle. Voltage box is a tool for selecting how much power you’d like to run into the rod. Selectable from 3v to 40v. Also has built in lithium ion battery pack. Bait boxes are units that consist of a bait chamber with either of the combination above or some type of crystal oscillator. Prices to be determined.
RBW Dowsing Higher Tech, Lower Prices
Prebuilt TFR Classic Rods are available from RBW Dowsing. Since the Prometheus Project rendered the TFR Series rods almost obsolete in terms of power and frequency response the old series will be offered as budget rods. These are a low cost option for those looking to get into dowsing. Crystal charging is done in a Faraday cage with filtered units at less than 1% THD, power load is based on a multiform isotope load and the boxes are based on my TFR Open Source Project. Basically version 1.5 boxes. TFR-1 Classic $450 TFR-2 Classic $1400 TFR -4 Classic (more powerful than the extreme joke version) $850.