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Darke Machina specializing in Custom Dowsing Rods for Treasure Hunters & Paranormal / Ghost Hunters. Machined and Assembled in the USA.


Darke Machina

P.O. Box 179 Umatilla, FL 32784 EMAIL Basic Inquiries - Info@darkemachina.com Sales - sales@darkemachina.com

About Darke Machina

Founded in 2012 as a hobby and as a full time job shop in 2014. 

Specailizing In

The building of precision dowsing instruments for treasure hunters and paranormal experts who lack their own machining capabilities.

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RBW Dowsing - Moving to ebay and online sales. Contact rbwdowsingindustries@gmail.com
*Darke Machina does not endorse any resellers power load claims. Power load design and claims are the sole responsibility of the reseller.
This website contains articles and experiments delving into science, metaphysics and pseudoscience along with the human interaction of each aspect. All metaphysical and pseudoscience articles are meant for entrainment purposes only. Dowsing is a form of entertainment and should be used accordingly.