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These are the reloadable rods and parts. For other rods, build options including power load and bulk sales send an email to Sales@Darkemachina.com

Type 1R

Complete Rod with DDS Handle.   $425.00  
*Darke Machina does not endorse any resellers power load claims. Power load design and claims are the sole responsibility of the reseller.


Cap with SMA-F Threads Fits all Type 1 $25.00

3mm Antenna Cap

Replacement Cap with 3mm Threads Fits all Type 1 $20.00

Replacement Antenna

4 Section Telescopic Antenna 3mm threads 13.4cm / 5.3" 43.5cm / 17” $5.00
Payment Darke Machina accepts Paypal, wire transfer, Western Union, Money orders, Bitcoin and several Alt-Coins. Paypal is accepted with Buy Now buttons or through invoice. Email sales@darkemachina.com for all other payment types. Shipping All products ship free to locations in the USA International buyers- The Paypal shipping calculator has automatic weight based cost. For the best shipping rate email sales@darkemachina.com  with your order and location and shipping type you’d prefer.

SMA Standard Antenna

Low MHZ Dipole Length: 11.5~40.2cm $15.00

SMA Multi-part Antenna

Low/Medium MHZ Dipole Includes a base, whip and dual telescopic pieces. Base 7cm, whip 16cm, Telescopic 16cm to 88cm Total Assembled length 94.5cm $25.00