History of Darke Machina & TFR-RODS / Treasure

Finding Rods Company

Long Version In early 2012 I auctioned off my fathers dowsing rod collection and correspondence between him and Carl Anderson and others* with whom he was friends.  They proved to be very popular. One person in particular was very interested but he lost the auction. After exchanging several emails it was decided I’d build him a custom rotating rod using knowledge garnered from the people mentioned above and taking styling cues from an A.T. Nelson rod I had also sold. Not having access to a machine shop at the time I purchased the cheapest lathe I could find. I then designed and built the prototype in May 2012. I then built the first production rod including power load. While the rod chambers were beautiful the handle was in definite need of improvement. The bearings had bad friction and the crosshole was more than a bit off. I sold him the rod with and promised a new improved handle after I purchased some better work holding tools. After that I redesigned the handle with larger bearings and a better tension system that while lessening the friction was still inconstant. He purchased several of these to sell on eBay under his ufocollectibles name. After a couple months he asked if he could name the rod. Since I didn’t really have any ideas on what to call them I agreed. He then started calling them the TFR-1 and sold them as The Treasure Finding Rods Company while I invested in better machinery and started Darke Machina. In 2013 I designed the first rod with accessible power load chambers for Spar and he tested several new power loads. Items were added to increase response and changed several times. From then on the TFR-1 was only loaded with power loads of his design and I only worked on mechanical design and machining. The power boosters (AB and GS) were the next addition using his formulation in a larger version of the TFR-1 rear chamber. The handle was also on the 3rd version. In 2014 Spar was contacted by a Tesla** enthusiast and that was the dawn of the electronic LRL boxes. But the guy did buy a reloadable rod so no complaints there. The first was the target discriminator. His attempt to attach it to the rod was humorous at best. Even I couldn’t think of good way for a bit. But then I decided to make the rod into a simple dipole using a 3.5mm jack as pass through and re-designed the box to match. Which worked fine according to Spars testing. This was the 4th version of the handle.  2014 was also the beginning of the TFR-2 and TFR-4. Yeah we skipped the TFR-3 because cost. This also the last year I drop shipped any of the rods. All the rods now go directly to TFR-ROD company for testing before shipping In 2015 the TFR-2 prototype was finished. And it was scary. And a fire hazard. So besides designing an antenna rod for it based on Spars idea of what it should look like I also redesigned the box. The only thing left from the original prototype was the function board. Everything else was restructured or removed for safety. In June I designed the TFR-4 rod and box based on Spars visions. This was also the debut of rod labels. I did them at first and well that didn’t go so well. Good thing my machining skills are better than my label application skills. In 2016 I designed a few schematics and in June Spar and I had a serious disagreement and parted company on not such good terms. Hilarity ensued. Well at least it was to me. Although he did have my work cloned by a machine operator we did reconcile our differences and I still provide handles for the clone rods. ….2017. That year couldn’t have ended fast enough. Darke Machina is still the main supplier of rods for TFR- Rods. 2018 - TFR-RODS aka The Treasure Finding Rods Company is no longer associated with Darke Machina and no longer sells any authentic TFR series rods. Good luck with your tractor repair shop knock offs Spar. 75 year old lathes with 50 thou runout are still considered state of the art in Idaho I guess. RBW dowsing is the new official reseller for authentic TFR series rods and the upcoming Prometheus based rods. As always Darke Machina will continue to innovate the dowsing world while others just rename their same product over and over. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Another clique of treasure hunter my father associated with…. several of which were arrested for trying to excavate on state land. DO NOT TRY THIS. ** The time traveling, anti-government, free energy, super weapon building Tesla. Not to be confused with Nikola Tesla or the car company.  
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