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Welcome to the new site.

The site was supposed to be live in March but my mother fell in March and suffered a fractured hip and arm. That took precedence over my business. Now that she’s on the mend things are back on track. Warning to all potential TFR rod buyers. It has come to my attention that even though TFR-RODS aka The Treasure finding rods company is no longer associated with Darke Machina he is still using pictures of DM built products to convince buyers they are still getting an authentic version. Buyer beware. Always ask for serial number confirmation before purchase. 09/18/18-Spar Giedeman aka Contactlight has posted in thread linked  here that he has a Type 4 rod with DM serial numbers containing a powerload made by me that doesn't work. To nip this obvious lie in the bud I want to make it clear that I have never sold a Type-4 rod that wasn't built for TFR-Rods with his own power load or wasn't a custom rod with power load designed by the customer. The only Type-4 rods in existence with my power load are the Prometheus test versions and all 20 built are still in my possession after being returned by the testers. All TFR-4s had a 4 prefix until the random numbers and custom rods have a CE prefix. DM4003 was sold by me on ebay after he refused to pay for the units but as it was built for TFR-RODs it contained his powerload. He better hope he can produce a receipt for this imaginary rod if he plans on perusing this defamation. Every non custom Type-4 built is listed to the far right column. 08/2818 - Today TFR-RODS aka The Treasure finding rods company had a couple of my cap listings removed for trademark violation. After a call to eBay and the VERO program I was informed it was indeed a false claim acknowledging that his trademark only covers his company name TFR-RODS and the listings would be restored. But they also informed me that since they do not actually check any trademark claims that he, Spar Giedeman can keep filing the same false claim over and over.  Or I can file the same claim and have his listings removed which they will also restore after he calls them too. Yeah good job on that system eBay. Instead I’ll just be publishing proof of his purchases of TFR series rods from me, and other correspondence showing proof of common law trademark of the TFR series. This is the reason he attempted to skirt the laws regarding common laws trademarks by registering a different but similar trademark. See the gallery for details. 04/21/18 - Watch this space. 08/03/18 - A little about the Prometheus Project - Click Here Site update is also coming soon - Crystal charging will added to the power load page along with the TFR open source plans. The product page will redone to make it easier to read and a user forum will be added. I will also be building and hosting RBW’s site. He purchased the largest single order of original and Prometheus rods ever. He will be charging a minimal build fee for the TFR boxes and has purchased the components in bulk also.  This allows him to beat other resellers prices by  a large margin. There will also be upcoming contests to win free dowsing rods and components. I’ve received several emails regarding the void and cavity locater. This is a work of fiction. Completely fraudulent. Just take a second to think about how dowsing and LRLs work. They have to create a resonance frequency with the item in your bait chamber. Voids may contain various gases but unless that exact ratio of gas for that section is contained in the cap at the same ratio this is completely impossible. Plus the resonant frequency of gas is almost nil so the range would limited to a few feet even on Prometheus Rods which on average are 500 to 1000 percent more powerful than the TFR series.  Since most voids also are close to ambient temperature and dowsing rods and especially LRLs are not temperature dependent that rules out that theory  also. If you really want to locate voids invest in a infared camera and thermometer not some half assed concoction.
Q. Why isn’t there a TFR-3/Type-3? A. There actually is. Spar sent me a sketch a long time ago of what he’d like it to look like. It would of been a model to compete with a certain other twin tube LRL. However cool it may have been the design made it impossible to machine at a reasonable cost. So it does exist albeit only on paper. Q. Why does the TFR-1 rod in some of the ads and the video look different? It seems to have a black screw on the rear chamber. A. That was the very first TYPE 1R for power load testing. I designed and built it in January 2013. It used a set screw to hold the chambers together. That is the black piece seen on the rear chamber. Q. Will you help me design a power load? A. That’s what the power load page is for. Q. How can I check if I have a real DM built TFR rod? A. See the next column. Q. How do I know if I have a clone rod from the US or China? A. If you don’t see your serial number to the right of this column you got one. Q. Will you provide dowsing instructions or manuals? A. No. Support is the job of the reseller. The better your support the better your sales. And there’s really nothing about dowsing that can’t be found by Google. And if you’re buying a refillable rod there’s probably nothing new I could teach you about dowsing anyway, If anyone wants to write any articles I’ll be happy to put them on the site though. Q. I’ve seen roods just like these in the Middle East. Are they the same? A. Probably. There were 25 sent directly to local resellers in Turkey and Jordan.

Attention Early TFR-4


If you own serial numbers DM 4001, 4002, 4004 or 4005 you have a front chamber with improperly cut threads. If you have problems with the cap or need a replacement cap you can return the front chamber and I’ll recut the threads and provide a new cap free of charge.
The very first prototype. Ugly little thing isn’t it?

Rod Serial Numbers

Type-1 Early models had no markings. 2014 and up have the serial number marked into the plug of the front chamber. Authentic TFR-1 Rods DM 001 to 043. 043 is the last sequential. Random # Begins. DM 0SV DM 0V1 DM  01S DM L33T DM R2D2 Type 2 have no serial just a DM stamped on the rear chamber. Authentic TFR-4s that were sold by TFR- RODS Type-4 DM 4001 to 4010 DM43RP DM 48R3 DM 4KGB DM 4NHK DM 4TV2 DM DDT7 DM KAMI DM 4692 DM LOLA DM BL4U DM CL4V Classic Type 1 DM R01 to DM R25
*Darke Machina does not endorse any resellers power load claims. Power load design and claims are the sole responsibility of the reseller.

A little Q and A

While these will probably go into the FAQ later I figured I’d address them now. Q. Why do your rods look like the TFR series rods on eBay? A. Because they are. I designed and built the first prototype in May of 2012. The owner of what would become the Treasure Finding Rods Company purchased the first models and became the only seller of the rods. He named them the TFR-1. The first 20 or so rods contained a power load designed solely by me. His testing resulted in the addition and removal of elements from the power loads and finally resulting in power load of his own design. This is used in all the current numbered rods sold. The TFR-2 and TFR-4 were also designed by me with his input. He suggested sizes and I designed and machined the assembly. I also built the original TFR boxes into working designs based on his requirements. These were released as the TFR Open Source Project. All TFR based units are built based on the open source project. Q. If they’re open source does that mean anyone can build a TFR box? A. Yes. While I didn’t openly advertise the plans they have always been available for download on the Internet. Since the Prometheus Project rendered all the previous designs obsolete they will be openly published. Q. So are all the new TFR series built by you? A. Unfortunately no. After a large argument in 2016 he did have my work cloned so if you get a rod without a DM serial number it’s not made by me. If you have problems with the cloned handle I’ll still accept it as a trade in. He’s selling only cloned rods with disconnected box controls now.  You can check this for yourself by heating the stereo jack insert and pulling it out. It use what we call the bend and pray system. Bend the solder tabs, push them in and pray they hold.