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Darke Machina specializing in Custom Dowsing Rods for Treasure Hunters & Paranormal / Ghost Hunters. Machined and Assembled in the USA.

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Custom Dowsing Rods For Sale 

Dowsing Rod or LRL Long Range Locator?

What is a Dowsing? Some say a psychic phenomenon, others a science and other a pseudoscience and even some a religious experience. What is a Dowsing Rod? Pretty much anything you use to dowse with be it a forked stick, wire, L rod or fancy rotating rod. Even pendulums. What is a Long Range Locator or LRL? A really fancy stick. Mostly powered by a DDS generator or voltage box. What can I find with a Dowsing Rod or LRL? Gold, silver or any other precious metal, water veins, or oil. On the paranormal side they can be used for ghost hunting and finding other paranormal phenomena.

What Kind of Rods does Darke Machina make?

A few models of power loaded* for resellers and power loadable rods for testing and people who know how to design power loads but lack a high grade instrument . Along with some basics of the process such as DDS function generators and voltage boxes. All handles have a 3.5mm TRS jack built into them. This allows it to be a passive rod or allows you to connect pretty much any device you can think of. Rods feature precision bearing handles with balanced rotating assembly. Custom accessories compatibly across each type. Standard and easily replaceable antennas. I can also repair any of your other brand or type rods. Completed rods with power loads* are available from resellers. Coming to eBay in August- RBW Dowsing - “Higher Tech, Lower Prices.” RBW Dowsing will be carrying a budget line based on the current TFR Open Source Hardware Project designs and the advanced rods based the  Prometheus Project. Email - rbwdowsingindustries@gmail.com for the best deal. His buying power is unbeatable and he passes the savings on to you. Website coming soon. TFR-RODS is the largest seller of intellectual property theft. If your looking for counterfeit TFR series rods at the highest prices TFR-Rods is the place to go. Website - Removed due to fraud complaints.

Handle Trade-in Program

Trade in your older DM handles that were included for with the TFR series rods for the newest versions at a reduced cost.
*Darke Machina does not endorse any resellers power load claims. Power load design and claims are the sole responsibility of the reseller.
Quick News Warning to all potential TFR rod buyers. It has come to my attention that even though TFR-RODS aka The Treasure finding rods company is no longer associated with Darke Machina he is still using pictures of DM built products to convince buyers they are still getting an authentic version. Buyer beware. Always ask for serial number confirmation before purchase. 09/18/18 - Subscribe to DM Facebook page for Important updates and news. Like and click the link at the top of the page. 09/17/18 - I received a couple emails about TFR-RODS claim of “unauthorized accessories” in his recent Treasurenet posting stupidity.  So no he can’t  void your warranty for using the SMA caps. Using terms like “unauthorized accessories” or “unauthorized repair” along with telling you can’t open the box and using warranty void stickers are illegal under the  Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act and Right to Repair acts. You can file a complaint with the FTC if these items are even mentioned or implied. 09/16/18 - There is a serious issue in the aluminum powder used in the TFR-1 and TFR-4 rods and clones. See the Facebook page for details. If your TFR series rod has been getting weaker this is the cause. 08/26/18 - Added crystal charging to the power loads page.